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I-Know-A-Guy Window Cleaning offers the Detroit Metropolitan area with a full service professional window cleaning. We specialize in residential window cleaning . Having a customer service focus, our goal is to “WOW” our customers with the best possible experience from the moment you call our office until we complete your cleaning service and drive away. Our window cleaning system employs some of the most advanced techniques and equipment in the industry to achieve the highest quality results. Our residential maintenance window cleaning service always concentrates on the window as a whole, including the exterior and interior of the glass itself, scrubbing the window screens with soap and water then drying with a towel, and cleaning of the window tracks, frames and sills. We utilize a deionized ultra pure water cleaning system for most exterior window cleaning to achieve the best possible results and keep your windows cleaner longer. By using state of the art water fed cleaning poles with our deionization system we can all but eliminate ladder use, and thus greatly reduce safety concerns and potential damage from ladder use.

How Many Windows Do I Have?

There are many factors that go into the number of windows in your home. Such as the type of window, size of the window, and the landscaping. Below is a chart to give you a general idea of how to count your windows.

Window Count Chart

Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

Q:Do you move household items blocking windows?

We understand that your household items are priceless and valuable to you. This is why we take extreme care when moving your belongings. Any small knick-knacks are the responsibility of the customer. We provide most furniture moving needed.

Q: Doesn't rain make my windows dirty?

Dirt creates dirty windows, not rain. Raindrops move around the dirt already on the window. Clean windows remain clean after it rains.

Q: Can windows be cleaned during the winter?

Yes. We do not have many days that it does not make it above freezing. As long as windchill's temperatures are close to 32-degrees, your cleaning can be completed.

Q: How often should I get my windows cleaned?

At least twice a year on the inside and outside. Glass manufacturers suggest every three (3) months especially on exterior surfaces to protect from harmful build up.

Q: What if a window breaks during cleaning?

We will replace it at our cost unless the glass or frame had previous damage.

Q: Do you scrape paint off windows?

This is normally included in regular cleanings; however, if there is more than a normal amount of paint, extra charges will apply.

Q: How long does window cleaning take?

Almost all jobs are completed in one day with most taking less than 1/2 a day.