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Power Washing Services

EXTERIOR HOUSE WASHING- More often than not the only time the exterior of most homes get any attention is when they are painted. After that the house exterior is ignored, and that brand new appearance slowly accumulates dirt and environmental fallout, becoming dulled, grimy, and sometimes creating the perfect substrate for mild debris.

We Power Scrub Your House Not Just Spray it Down- We take all precautions to take the best care of your home. By scrubbing the siding the dirt gets agitated without damaging the siding. Think of washing your car if you just sprayed the paint with a hose some dirt will come off. However if you scrub the paint with a sponge and soap all the dirt will be removed.

CONCRETE AND OTHER MASONRY CLEANING- Driveways, perimeter walk-ways, back patio areas and other hardscape surfaces are all subject to heavy soiling and staining. As horizontal surfaces these areas get the brunt of it anyway, but add in heavy foot traffic, car tires or maybe a possible oil leak, the occasional BBQ spill, and wet areas subject to algae growth and you have some of the dirtiest areas on your property. These substances buildup slowly over time and discolor the masonry. Our customers are often surprised just how discolored these areas are – it is not completely evident until we have cleaned the surface. A hose can remove loose superficial dirt, but deep cleaning with water and high pressure is required to remove the soils and stains, and restore the surface. We have specialized equipment just for cleaning driveways, walks and other hard surface ground areas of your home. Concrete, brick work, flagstone, and other types of stone are all masonry surfaces that we can clean.

Pressure Washing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I pressure wash /scrub?

This depends on several things such as the amount of shade you have, how much rainfall we get, the humidity levels and so on. Mostly it is a matter of personal perception. What you consider dirty, mildewed or in need of cleaning someone else may not think so. I personally wash my own house at least once a year.

Q: Will pressure washing damage my house?

Pressure washing a house can cause damage if not used correctly. IKAG scrubs the house and only uses the pressure washer as a rinse cycle causing no damage to the house. When washing houses or any surface only the minimum amount of pressure is used.

Q: Do I need to be home?

No but any gates to the back yard should be accessible and dogs should be tied or inside the home. Also all windows must be closed.

Q: Will the chemicals harm my grass or plants?

No, the only product used is a mild soap.

Q: Will pressure washing remove rust stains caused by irrigation?

It will lighten them but there is a separate process used to remove them.

Q: Why should I use a professional pressure washing service?

We have much better equipment than a rental machine or a homeowners machine. We can do a much faster, neater, and uniform job.